Leaf Clumps, Swaying Branches, And Gnawing Animals Can Lead To The Need For Roof Repairs

If water starts dripping from your ceiling, that's a pretty good clue you need to call a roofing contractor to fix a leaky roof. A leaky roof is a serious problem that needs to be fixed right away, but there are other signs of roof damage to watch out for too. Here are indications of roof damage to watch for so you can have repairs done promptly.

Holes Made By Animals

A raccoon can chew through the deck of your roof, and that leaves your attic vulnerable to animals and rain. However, it's likely rats and raccoons will chew through the rotted fascia or soffit boards where it's easy to gnaw through to the attic where it's warm. When you look around your roof for damage, be sure to look along the fascia and soffit for holes so they can be covered to keep animals out.

Also, note the condition of the boards in the areas near your gutters. If your gutters haven't been draining well, water can back up against your roof and cause the boards to rot. These boards should be replaced when that happens so that animals and insects don't become a problem on your roof and in your attic.

Bare Shingles Caused By Tree Branches

Trees that are too close to your roof can do a lot of damage. Their leaves constantly sweep the shingles and brush off the protective granules. This damage is easy to overlook with leafy branches blocking your view. You should trim branches away from your roof, and if you notice the shingles look bare or a darker color once the branches are gone, consider calling a roofing contractor to take a look and replace the shingles if needed. Once the granules are gone, the shingles will damage easily by the sun or rain and crack or leak, so replacing them before that happens is a good idea.

Pooling Water Due To Leaf Clumps

Your roof protects your home from water damage as long as rain rolls off the roof. When a sticky clump of leaves or other debris forms a dam on the roof, especially in the roof valley, water can pool on the roof and leak under the shingles. Even if the water can still slowly drain, the moisture held against the roof by the wet leaf clump can lead to water damage and shingle deterioration.

Your roof should be cleaned off when leaves get stuck in the valleys or when the wind blows branches and other debris on the roof. If you notice the shingles look worn, or the deck under them feels soft when you clean away the leaf debris, then you might need to have roof repairs done to fix water damage before rain starts leaking in your attic.

To learn more, contact your local roof repair contractors.

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