When Do You Know To Replace Your Tile Roof?

Do you have a tile roof? If so, you may be wondering when you will need to replace it. Tile roof materials are favored in many regions due to the durability of the material. Tile roofing is commonly seen in regions that experience high temperatures. However, some regions that experience hot summers and mild winters may also choose tile roofing. This material is favored because it is aesthetically appealing and durable. Sometimes, issues with the tile may go undetected due to the way this roofing material is installed. The following points will help you know how to self-detect whether it may be time to replace your tile roof.

Broken Tiles

Damaged tiles can cause a number of issues. One serious issue is that it will allow moisture intrusion. This can result in your tile roof not performing as it should due to damages to the underlying roofing materials. Water intrusion can also cause roof leaks, resulting in damage to the inner portion of your home. Even if you notice damaged tiles during a hot summer, do not ignore the issue. Tile roofs protect the underlying materials from UV rays. If you have damaged tiles, they cannot properly protect the underlying materials from the heat of the sun. When the underlying materials get too much exposure to UV rays, the underlying roofing materials will eventually deteriorate and cause more significant roof issues.


Some leaks that relate to roofs tend to occur in the attic. This can cause them to go undetected, especially if the attic area is rarely or never accessed by the homeowner. Roof leaks are a sign that there is something wrong with a roofing system. Some issues with tile roofing can easily get detected by getting routine roof inspections. Sometimes, leaks are not evident, but they can wreak havoc due to water contributing to rotting wood, which can impact the structural integrity of your home. Water stains are a sign that a leak is present in your home. A roof inspection can detect where the leak is located. 

Although are telltale times that you may observe, a residential roof replacement company is a good resource to use to determine whether your tile roof can last longer. They might offer to repair the roof to extend its life cycle. However, the ultimate decision will be yours if your roof is in decent enough condition to get repaired. At some point, most roofing materials will need to get replaced after several years. 

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