Using A Coating To Protect Your Roof

A roof will be designed to be able to withstand an astonishing amount of wear and tear from storms or other issues. However, it will still gradually suffer damage if you are not taking steps to keep it protected.

How Can A Coating Extend The Life Of Your Roof?

A roof coating is an effective way of helping to protect a roof against a variety of types of water damage. This is due to the coating being impermeable to water once it has dried. By reducing the ability of water to soak into the roof, you can limit the risk of rot developing, mold growing, or other moisture-related problems damaging the roof.

Do Roof Coatings Improve Energy Efficiency?

A roof coating may also be able to improve the energy efficiency of the roof as well as protect it against moisture. This is due to the ability of the coating to close small gaps that could allow drafts into the home. Additionally, some of these coatings are able to reflect UV light, which can carry much of the sun's heat and energy.

Is It Difficult To Apply A Roof Coating?

Roofing work can be extremely difficult due to challenges due to its height. Applying a roof coating can carry additional challenges as you will need to avoid covering vents, as this could severely impair the airflow into the building. Furthermore, the coating must be applied over every inch of the roof. Failing to completely cover the roof can lead to it being unprotected in spots, which could lead to isolated water damage. Hiring a professional roof coating contractor is usually the safest option for having the roof protected with one of these coatings.

What If Problems Are Found With The Roof During The Application Of The Roof Coating?

Before a roof coating can be applied, the entire roof will need to be thoroughly checked for damage, as this coating can not be applied to portions of a roof that are already suffering from water damage, punctures, or other common issues. In fact, applying a roof coating to areas with these problems can actually make the damage worse, as the coating can make it harder for moisture that enters through the damaged area to evaporate. If these problems are discovered, they will have to be repaired before the roof coating can be applied. Ensuring that all of these potential problems are discovered can be another benefit of having this coating applied by roofing professionals.

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