4 Types Of Roof Damage You May Not Realize Your Roof Has

When you see roof shingles flapping in the wind, that's a sure sign your roof needs repairs. However, the signs of roof damage are not always so obvious. Your roof and home could have hidden problems that you may not find out about until there's been a lot of damage done and costly repairs are needed. A roof inspection can spot problems and roof damage, such as these four examples, you may not know about.

1. Gaps Around Flashing

Loose flashing is a common cause of roof leaks. However, this problem isn't easy to spot unless you're specifically examining the flashing. Even a small gap where the adhesive has come loose is enough to allow water to drip into your attic and cause water damage.

2. Poor Attic Ventilation

Poor attic ventilation can be a problem for your roof that eventually leads to deck and shingle damage. If you have a sudden problem with attic ventilation, it might be due to blocked soffit vents, something that might happen when you put in new insulation.

Without proper ventilation, your attic gets too hot and that heat is transferred to your roof. The result is roof damage as well as damage to your attic. A roofer can spot this problem and make the necessary repairs, such as installing a vent to improve airflow.

3. Woodpecker Holes

Birds and animals can do a lot of damage to your roof. A woodpecker can make small holes in the roof that lead to rotting and leaking. The holes let in bugs and let out odors and breezes that encourage rats or squirrels to gnaw and make the holes bigger. While you need a roofer to repair the damage animals cause your roof, you may need an animal control professional to help you solve your pest problem.

4. Granule Loss

Your roof slowly loses the granules on top of the asphalt shingles due to aging and storms. Tree branches can also scrape off the granules. If granules are lost before their time, your roof will age faster. Granules protect your roof from UV damage and help with fire resistance. If your roof has lost a lot of granules, it's probably time for a roof replacement. Knowing this helps you prepare for the expense and helps you plan for the work to be done.

If your roof hasn't been checked by a roofer in several years, you may want to have an inspection done to see what kind of shape your roof is in and when you can expect to need a replacement. A roof check could uncover problems with a rotting deck or leaking roof that you didn't know about and that needs repairs so your home is protected. For more information, visit websites like http://www.us-roofing.com.

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