Shake, Rattle And Roll: How To Prepare The Inside Of Your Home For A Roof Installation

There's no doubt about it: residential roof installations are noisy, and they send vibrations traveling through your home while the work is being done. Because of this, it's important that you take steps to prep your home on the inside while work is being done on the outside. Here are some steps you should consider taking in advance.

Secure Swinging Light Fixtures

Swinging light fixtures, like chandeliers, are beautiful to look at but can end up having some problems while a roof is being installed. The major vibrations traveling through the roof of your home can send a hanging light fixture swinging all over and potentially damage it or dislodge the power cable, rendering it useless. It's a good idea to take these light fixtures down before the work is performed to prevent damage from being done.

Remove Frames

Photo frames and picture frames can experience problems from the vibrations, too. Specifically, if the vibrations running through your walls are strong enough, they can potentially damage the glass in your picture frames. To prevent this, just take down your photos and pictures on the day of the roof installation. You can put them back up as soon as it's done and won't have to worry about broken glass or expensive frame replacements.

Secure Knickknacks

Last but not least, if you have small collectibles up high on shelves, it's a good idea to secure them during this time. You can take them down and put them somewhere safe, or you can use museum putty to ensure that they don't slide around and get damaged or broken while the vibrations are shaking up your house.

Cracked Window Repairs

If you have a cracked window, you might want to get it fixed before the roof is installed. The vibrations running through the walls won't do any damage to intact windows, but when a window is cracked it's already structurally damaged. The vibrations can worsen the crack or even break the window entirely, leaving you with a mess and a problem on your hands.

A roof installation doesn't have to be a headache for you. By following these tips, you can ensure that the roof installation has no impact on the inside of your house, and before you know it, your life will be back to normal with a brand new roof. If you haven't made an appointment yet to have your roof inspected or replaced, make the call today.

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