Services You Might Not Realize Your Local Roof Company Offers

What do roofing companies do? They replace roofs, of course! But what you might not realize is that many roofing companies offer additional services. It's important to know what these services are so that you can take advantage of them if needed.

1. Adding Vents

Every roof needs to be vented. The vents allow the heat to escape from your attic, which keeps your roof from getting too hot. Your roof shouldn't get too hot since heat can accelerate the rate of deterioration of the shingles. Many roofs do not have enough vents. If you venture into your attic and it's really hot in there, then you probably need new vents, and the roofing company can add them.

2. Adding Insulation

Insulation and roofing are closely related. The insulation helps keep all of the heat from escaping through your roof in the winter! Not only does this keep your home cozy, but it also keeps the snow on your roof from going through freeze-thaw cycles and damaging your shingles. Since good insulation is so important for your roof's longevity, most roofing companies also offer insulation services. They can evaluate the insulation you have, tell you if you have enough, and if you don't have enough, add some more.

3. Fixing Flashing

Do you know that metal that surrounds your chimney and the sewer vent? That's a part of your roof, and it is known as flashing. Your flashing needs to be kept in good shape. Otherwise, water starts seeping beneath it, and that water starts leaking into your home. If your flashing is peeling, rusty, or otherwise in poor condition, you need to call the roofing company. They can fix it; this is a rather standard repair.

4. Gutters

Gutters are intended to drain the water from your roof. They are not technically a part of your roof, but they play a significant supportive role. If your gutters are leaking, crooked, or falling off the home, you need to take care of it. Not every roofing company works on gutters, but a good number of them do. If yours does not, they can at least refer you to the gutter companies that they work with most often. 

Residential roofing contractors can do a lot more than just replace full roofs. They'll gladly help you if you need any of these smaller services performed. Contact a few residential contractors to learn more. 

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