Why It Is Always Best to Schedule a Chimney Cleaning Before Winter

For most people, winter is the time of the year the fireplace gets the most use. Naturally, it is the time of year when the chimney is worked the most. Given this dynamic, people often wonder whether or not it is best to have the chimney cleaned before the start of the heavy-use season or wait until the end. Homeowners who decide to have the chimney cleaned before winter make the right decision.

More Than a Cleaning

A chimney cleaning service involves more than cleaning; it is also an inspection. As the technician cleans all the soot and other debris from the chimney, they may also take the time to assess the condition of the chimney components, and promptly identify any concerns that might prevent you from using the chimney. 

Should you decide to schedule your services for after winter, once the cold arrives and you want to use your fireplace, you might be unable to. Scheduling a cleaning early gives you time to make repairs and ensure your fireplace is ready for use. 

Increase Safety

It is not safe to use a fireplace when the chimney has not been cleaned as necessary. Each time you use your fireplace, creosote collects inside the fireplace flue. Creosote is a highly flammable material that can quickly spread a blaze strong enough to burn an entire home down. 

Cleaning the chimney before the heavy-use season ensures that the flue is clean. A buildup in the chimney will also reduce the rate at which harmful gases from the fireplace will be able to escape. As a result, the gases will end up in your home for your family to inhale. 

Liability Protection

A fire caused by poor cleaning practices always catches homeowners when they least expect it. While it would seem that an accidental fire would be covered by a homeowner's insurance plan, if a dirty chimney is discovered as the ignitor, the insurance company often has cause to deny the claim.

This scenario leaves the homeowner responsible for the extent of the damage. A skilled investigator will be able to discover if creosote was to blame for the fire and might even require proof that you had the fireplace cleaned, so there is no way to avoid the liability. Cleaning before the season offers protection. 

If you have not had your chimney cleaned — now is a good time to contact a chimney service. A chimney professional will inspect your chimney, clean it, and perform any necessary repair or maintenance services.  

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