How To Stay Safe From Exterior Storm Damage

Serious storms are common in many parts of the country. And, unfortunately, they can do equally serious damage to the exterior of your home, including to your siding. For this reason, it's important to do all you can to protect your home from exterior storm damage. This is especially important for people who live in storm-prone areas. But, since any area can experience an unexpected storm, all homeowners should take protective measures when possible.

Replace Damaged Shingles And Siding

On a regular basis, have your shingles and your siding inspected carefully. If you know you live in an area with a big storm season, always have inspections performed just before the season starts. That way, you'll know you're going into it with the strongest home exterior possible.

Major things to look out for include damaged, loose, or missing shingles or siding pieces. Ideally, these should all be carefully repaired or replaced before storm season hits. Even small damage can open up your home to larger and more severe storm damage if you're not careful.

Move Or Secure Outdoor Items

In the event of a major storm and heavy winds, any object, even something heavy, has the potential to become airborne and do some major damage. Thus, prior to storm season or an impending storm, walk around your home. Look for any objects that could fly up and hit or damage your home.

Move smaller items, like potted plants, inside when possible. If something can't be moved inside, like a trampoline or patio furniture, secure it strongly to the ground to prevent it from coming into contact with your home and causing damage during a storm.

Trim Your Trees

Finally, pay careful attention to any trees on your property. If a tree looks overly full or like the limbs may be damaged or loose, have them trimmed right away. Falling limbs are common during a storm and can cause damage to a home. Trimming, however, can prevent this problem. In the case of very weak or old trees, you may even want to consider tree removal to completely remove the risk to your home.

Following these tips can greatly reduce your chances of encountering exterior damage to your home during a storm. However, if damage does occur, despite your best efforts, make sure you have a repair company you can call to take care of any issues right away. After all, chances are that another storm is just around the corner.

For any questions or concerns you might have about exterior storm damage, consider contacting Select Exteriors.

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