Understanding The Cons Of Vinyl Windows And How To Overcome Them

If you have decided to replace your home's windows, then you do have some options. Vinyl is, by far, the most popular and common among them. And while you may know about all of the various benefits of vinyl windows, you should know that there are some drawbacks that you should think about as well. Keep reading to learn about a few.

Vinyl Cannot Be Changed

If you have an older Victorian home or if you have started to update your house to a modern one, then you want to think strongly about the types of windows you want even after your updating is completed. This is due to the fact that vinyl windows cannot really be changed in any way. The vinyl is almost completely maintenance-free, but the material cannot easily be painted, stained, or covered. 

While this is true, you should know that you do have some options when it comes to window color and finish. White vinyl is the standard, but most retailers offer dozens of other color options. These options are typically part of a premium collection, meaning that you may need to pay more for the colored vinyl. However, direct matches can be made to your vinyl siding if you desire. This can create a seamless transition from the siding to the window. 

If you are not interested in premium windows, you do still have a number of choices when it comes to standard collections. White, tan, brown, and beige are usually available. Spend a good deal of time making your color choice and make sure that you are thinking of future upgrades when you do so.

Cheaply Made Windows Are Available

Vinyl windows are extremely popular, and there are dozens of manufacturers who make them. In an attempt to remain competitive, some manufacturers have cut corners to reduce costs. This translates into a vinyl window that is not meant to last as long as it should. Cheaply made windows can lead to air leaks, moisture infiltration, and even breaks across the casing or the window channel.

To ensure quality, you want to start by contacting a professional installation company. You want to ask the business about companies that have window warranties. A typical one will extend for 20 or 30 years, and you want to check to see if the business is old enough that it is likely to still be around in that timeframe. 

To make the best vinyl window decisions possible for your home, speak with a replacement window service

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