Shopping For Quotes: How To Value The Price Of A New Roof

If you're shopping for a new residential roof, have your calculator handy. Quotes for a new residential roof are more variable than the weather. When considering a roof can last for 50 years, a higher price for good workmanship and materials can be justified. 

Ultimately, how much you should pay comes down to what value you're receiving for a residential roofing contractor job. To determine the value, you need to consider all the factors that influence the pricing of a residential roofing job. 

Workmanship and Experience 

Unfortunately, many fly-by-night roofing companies exist. They will offer you an enticingly low price. And they'll get the job done super fast. In 10 years, though, you may no longer have a roof over your head. 

If your state licenses roofers, narrow your search to licensed residential roofing contractors. The best way to find a roofing contractor is through referrals. If your neighbor refers the roofers he used 20 years ago, you've already doubled the life of your roof. Experienced residential roofing services will stand behind their work for a lifetime. 

Quality of Materials 

The experienced roofing contractor will only use high-quality materials. The inexperienced roofing contractor may show up with popular brand name roofing tiles. But he lacks the experience to know that these tiles are prone to cracking in your climate. Likewise, he may use a generic membrane instead of the membrane that functions optimally with, say, metal roofs. 

Be weary of depending on roof tile manufacturer endorsements alone. These preferred contractors will use the brand name tiles, even when another tile may be better for your roof. If the residential roof contractor works with a variety of tile makers, you are more likely to get the best value for your money. 

Workmanship Warranty and Reputation 

The cheap roofing contractor will provide a manufacturer's warranty. A workmanship warranty may or may not be offered. Trouble is, when you go to exercise the warranty, the roofer may no longer be in business. Here are the benefits of the three types of roofing warranties and why a workmanship warranty is important:

Manufacturer's warranty - The manufacturer's warranty provides lifetime coverage for the roofing materials. The insurer will cover defective shingles, and may also cover the price of replacing them. 

Workmanship warranty - This warranty provides protection if issues arise from the installation of the roof. A reputable roofing contractor will provide a warranty to guarantee against problems arising from errors during installation. 

Extended manufacturer's warranty - Providing more comprehensive protection, this warranty provides expanded product and contractor workmanship coverage.

Once you have selected a residential roofing contractor, always get the quote in writing. 

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