Residential Roofing Guide To Replace Your Asphalt Shingles With Wood Shakes

When you want to replace asphalt shingles, shakes can be a great option. Today, wood shakes come in many different options. They can be natural shakes, treated materials, or synthetic shakes as an alternative to wood. The following guide will help you through the process of replacing asphalt shingles with a new shake roof:

Natural Wood Shake Materials — There are a lot of options when it comes to natural shakes. The most common material that is used is cedar shake roofing, but there are many other options. Some of these natural shake roofing materials include:

  • Cedar
  • White Oak
  • Tropical Woods

If you want to have natural wood shakes on your home, these are some of the best options. These materials are naturally resistant to weathering, insects, and rot. With the right care, the natural shake roofing can last longer than most asphalt shingles. Natural shakes also look better and give you more options for colors with stains and sealants.

Options for Treated Shakes — If you want to have more durable and weather-resistant roofing, pressure-treated shakes are an excellent option. These shake materials are ideal for wetter climates where shake roofing tends to rot. There are also options for fire-retardant-treated shakes, which are ideal for dry climates that are prone to summer wildfires. The treated shake materials are a great solution to have a durable wood roof with more resistant roofing materials.

Synthetic Shake Materials — Today, there are also options for synthetic shakes, which are made from recycled rubber and plastics. These shake materials are a greener, weather-resistant option when you want to have shake roofing installed on your home. They are also a good choice for areas where you want to use materials other than natural wood. These materials can also be lighter-colored synthetic shakes, which will help reflect UV radiation to keep your home cool in summer.

Stamped Metal Shake Roofing — In addition, stamped metal can also be a great choice for a shake-style roof on your home. The metal roofing is one of the best options if you live in an area where summer wildfires are frequent. Stamped metal roofing will provide you with the right solution to give your home a durable, fire-resistant shake roof. These materials are installed like shingles and can be easily maintained.

If you are looking for the right materials to replace asphalt shingles, shakes are one of the best options. Therefore, when it comes to replace your worn shingles, contact a residential roofing contractor and talk to them about shakes.

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