How Is Commercial Roof Buckling Addressed By a Professional?

The roof on top of your business keeps your establishment safe and secure from various types of damage. However, your roof may start to show signs of wear and tear, leaving your business unprotected. In this situation, it is wise to contact a commercial roofing expert as soon as possible so that evaluation and repair can be completed. One problem you may note is the buckling of the roof. Find out more about this problem and how a repair can be made.

What Is Roof Buckling?

Roof buckling is when you see an uneven surface across your roof where some areas are raised while others have started to sink. This creates a rolling or waved appearance where hills and valleys are noted across the membrane surface. And, this is a sign that the roof structure has shifted significantly to cause the pulling and pushing of the membrane. 

Some building shifts are normal or natural as the structure settles. Unfortunately, this can leave your roof with unprotected areas where the membrane has started to split. Other spots may hold ponding water and this is likely to cause a leaking situation. 

If buckling is serious enough, then the structural integrity of the entire roof may be compromised. This means it is at risk of collapsing, which makes your building quite dangerous. So, you should contact a commercial roofer right away as soon as you notice the issue so a new roof can be installed.

How Is New Roof Installation Completed?

To begin, the roofer will inspect the roof to understand the types of wear and tear that are noted on the surface. Then, you will be provided with some information on flat roof surfaces that are capable of handling stress and building shifts. There are some good high-quality options that include PVC and metal standing seam roofs. PVC is a membrane material that is strong, pliable, and resilient against cracks. Metal creates a much more rigid construction but provides superior leak protection and water movement as long as there is a slight pitch to the roof.

Once you choose your material, the roofer will need to remove the old roof and look at the roof deck. If shifting was an issue, there may be gaps along the edge of the deck as well as stressed areas that have been forced together. At this time, the roofer will decide if brand new decking is needed or if the worst of the deck panels can simply be replaced. 

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