Tips To Keep Your Home And Roof Protected From The Outside Elements

Your roof's structure and exterior surfaces keep a strong barrier for your home and its interior, and anytime your roof is allowed to degrade and deteriorate, with curling or missing shingles, along with soffit or chimney flashing leaks, you are going to have a big water damage problem on your hands. Here are some recommendations for you to use to keep your home protected with a durable and well-maintained roof structure.

Check Your Shingles' Condition

Taking care of your roof means you keep an eye on its condition and don't leave it up to a roofing professional to find problems. You can keep an eye on your roof to look for any signs of damage so you can arrange for professional repairs before they become a larger problem, like an interior leak.

Spend some time each week when you are out mowing your lawn or picking up the mail to look up at your roof for missing shingles or a curled-up appearance on the edges of shingles. Shingle damage will usually appear in patches on your roof, such as along the ridge of the roof or only on the side of your roof that is exposed to the sun's rays. Roof damage can pop up in small areas and grow larger over time, so be sure to check out the roof's condition periodically.

Keep It Clean

The condition of your roof is also dependent upon the amount of debris that finds its way onto your roof, such as leaves, twigs, and branches from nearby trees. When debris is left on your roof, it is also left to rot and will begin to decompose your shingles as well. Sweep it from the roof or pick off branches, leaves, and twigs. 

Damaging debris can also include tree branches that rub upon your roof from an overhanging tree. This not only scrapes off the shingles and their exterior protection but can allow insects and other pests an easy way into your home. Trim back the branches that hang over or touch the outside of your home.

Next, watch out for the growth on your roof of mold, moss, and other discolorations that damage your shingles. Moss and mold have their own roots, which bore into your shingles and cause surface damage. It is important that you clean them from your roof by hiring a roof cleaning service using your own at-home roof cleaning solution and your garden hose. Don't ever use a pressure washer on your roof or a heavy-duty broom, as this will cause more damage to your roof than you already have.

To learn more, contact a residential roofing company.

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