A Look at Having Gutter Guards Installed on Your Home's Gutter Troughs

If you're thinking about getting gutter guards so you don't have to clean and fuss with your gutters as much, then you probably want guards that last a long time and need little care. Here's a look at some choices for guards that need less maintenance and considerations for their installation.

Foam Guards Fit in the Trough

Foam guards are the easiest to install because you just place them in the gutter troughs. While that makes installation easy, you may face more maintenance issues with foam guards since seeds, needles, and tiny bits of debris get stuck in them and they need to be removed and cleaned out periodically. The guards keep leaves out because the foam fills the troughs, but rain can still fall in, and some tree debris can still get in or sit on top of the foam.

A similar style is a brush gutter guard. It's also suitable for DIY installation since all you have to do is place the long brush in the trough. However, if you are unable to work safely from a ladder, you may want a gutter guard service to install your guards no matter what type you buy.

Mesh or Aluminum Screens Snap in Place

When cost is a consideration, you may want to go with mesh or aluminum screens. These are the most affordable guards, and they are also easy to install. Screens can be clipped or snapped in place. Screens keep out leaves, but depending on the size of the mesh, they may let pine needles and seeds fall through and collect in the troughs.

While you might be able to install foam or brush guards yourself, you may want a gutter guard installation service to put in screens to make sure they cover the troughs properly. The screens also have to be secure enough to stay in place during strong winds, heavy rain, and when twigs or branches fall on them.

Metal Gutter Guards Screw to the Gutters

Metal gutter guards are a good choice when you want guards that need the least amount of maintenance. These guards are often installed by professionals since they have to be secured to the troughs with screws. They are held securely in place and allow rain to flow in the troughs, but leaves collect on top so they can slide off or be rinsed off with a hose.

The gutter guard installation service has to take care not to alter the slope of your gutters when installing these guards. The installation process is more involved for these guards, so having them installed by a professional ensures they last a long time and that rain falls in the troughs and drains away as it should.

For more information about gutter guard installation services and options for your gutters, contact a local professional.

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