A Silicon Coating Might Be a Good Way to Prolong the Life of Your Commercial Roof

If the membrane roof on your building is approaching the end of its life, it's time to discuss your roofing options with a commercial roofing contractor. You could have the old roof torn off and new roofing put on, but your contractor might suggest applying a silicone coating instead. Here's how a silicone coating can extend the life of your old roof and how the coating is applied.

Your Old Roof Has to Be in Fairly Good Shape

Your contractor has to inspect your roof to make sure it's a good match for a coating. If your roof has a lot of loose seams or leaky areas, it may be necessary to tear off the membrane and apply a new roof. Some damage is allowed, and the contractor will make repairs to those areas before the coating is applied.

A Silicone Coating Protects the Membrane

A silicone coating goes over the old membrane to create a waterproof layer of protection that guards against roof leaks. A coating acts as a new layer of roofing, but it's not considered roofing, so it can be applied without being counted as a second roof. In several years, you may even want another silicone coating applied so you can extend the life of your old roof for as long as possible.

Silicone Coating Has No Seams

One reason a silicone coating is effective at preventing leaks is that it has no seams. The coating is rolled or sprayed on so it forms a continuous layer over the top of the membrane. Before the coating can be applied, the old roof has to be prepped. The roofer starts with an infrared inspection that detects the amount of moisture in the insulation under the membrane. This pinpoints areas where the roofer has to tear out the old membrane and insulation to replace them with dry materials. Once those repairs are done, the roof is power washed and allowed to dry thoroughly. Before the coating is applied, the roofing contractor may cover the seams with tape as an extra precaution against leaking. Then the coating is applied in one or two layers as needed.

If you have a coating applied to your old roof, you eliminate the disruption and expense associated with tearing off the old roof and disposing of it. A coating is often a less expensive option, and it provides excellent protection for your roof. However, you have several pros and cons to weigh, so find out all the facts from your commercial roofing contractor so you make the best decision for your building.

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