How A Roof Leak Can Lead To A Mold Problem In Your House And How A Roofer Can Help

One of the reasons it's important to have a roof leak repaired promptly is to prevent mold in your home. Mold can be a serious problem because it can cause health complications and it can be expensive to remove.

You might remove mold from shingles yourself with a cleaning solution, but that may not solve the problem if the deck is wet and moldy underneath the shingles. Here's how mold on your roof is a threat to your home and when to call a roofing service for help.

Why Roof Mold Is A Threat To Your Home

Even if it's just the surface of your roof that's moldy, the mold doesn't just stay on the shingles. The mold spores can get in your house, and they can even waft through the air and give your neighbors a mold problem.

However, when your roof has mold, it's usually because of a moisture problem that affects the deck under the shingles too. If your roof has a leak, then mold spores have an easier time getting inside your house.

Once spores are in your house, mold may grow in your attic, behind walls, or above your ceiling. You might not see mold right away, but you may notice a musty odor in your home. The spores circulating in your air could lead to health problems if you're sensitive to mold or have allergies or asthma.

How A Residential Roofing Service Can Help

One thing the roofer will do is find the roof leak that's causing the problem. The damaged shingles will be repaired or replaced, but first, the roofer may need to replace part of the deck if it is rotted and moldy. Once your roof has a dry, solid deck, and the leaky shingles are replaced, the source of the roof leak and water damaged is gone, but mold will still remain and need to be dealt with.

The roofer may remove mold from surrounding shingles that are not damaged using mold-killing cleaners. If the mold is very bad, those shingles may be removed when the moldy deck under them is removed and replaced. Once the roofing service has restored your roof, you'll need to call a mold removal service to get rid of the mold in your attic and home to complete the process.

Because mold can become a big problem, it's best to have roof leaks repaired promptly. If you're not sure about the condition of your roof, but you see mold in your attic, or your home smells musty, consider calling a roofing service to check your roof for leaks and mold. Just like you can't always see where mold is growing, you can't always tell that you have a roof leak until your roof is checked by a professional who knows what to look for.

For more information about how residential roofing services can help with the mold on your roof, contact a local roofing company.

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