3 Reasons to Replace Your Old Roof Before It Leaks

Unless your roof is damaged by a storm or fire, it's probably not a surprise when you need to have a roof replacement done. You can usually tell by looking at the condition of the shingles that your old roof has to be replaced.

Hopefully, you make plans to replace your roof before it starts leaking. If not, your home might sustain water damage. Here are a few reasons why it's best to get a roof replacement done before your roof leaks.

1. Damage Escalates And The Work Costs More

If your roof has water damage due to a leak that's gone on a long time, the roofing contractor might have to replace the deck and some of the rafters. This increases the cost of your roof replacement. When you get a new roof that doesn't have water damage yet, the roofer may only replace the shingles and underlayment if the deck is dry and solid.

In some cases, the roofer might even add new shingles over the old ones and not tear off the old roof. That's not possible when your roof has water damage. Repairing water damage takes time and extra materials, so the roofing job will cost more. The water damage and added expense might be avoidable by replacing your roof when it's at the end of its lifespan, but before it leaks.

2. Rain Could Ruin Your Insulation And Attic

When rain leaks in your attic, it can cause the wood in the attic to rot. Depending on the type of insulation you have, the rain might ruin it too. Repairing the water damage in your attic and replacing insulation is expensive. One way to avoid a bad surprise in your attic is to check it regularly for leaks. You can examine the underside of your roof from your attic and also look for water stains. This helps you find a roof leak early so repairs or a roof replacement can be done before your attic has extensive water damage.

3. Mold Could Spread Through Your HVAC Ducts

Mold often goes along with water damage. A leaky roof can cause mold to grow in your attic or your house below. Mold spores can even get in your HVAC ducts and spread around your house. If mold starts growing in your ducts, you might need to have them cleaned out, or you might need to have mold remediation in your attic or home. Getting rid of mold is expensive, but it's necessary since mold in your home can cause health problems and give your house a musty odor.

Not having a roof replacement done on time can have costly consequences. If you're not sure if your roof needs to be replaced or if it might need repairs instead, hire a company such as Earhart Roofing Company Inc to check your roof for signs of damage and old age.

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