3 Things You Need To Know About Roof Rot

One thing that can impact your roof, but is hard to spot, is roof rot. Roof rot is a severe issue that requires immediate attention as soon as you are aware of the issue.

The Cause of Roof Root

Multiple things can contribute to roof root. Ventilation issues with the roof and attic are a common cause. High humidity inside the attic is another cause. Additionally, a water leak in your roof can lead to roof rot. Finally, condensation due to temperature changes in the attic is the third most common cause.

Roof rot is based on issues that impact your roof's underside, affecting your roof first from inside your attic.

The Signs of Roof Rot

Because roof rot starts in your attic, the signs are not always the most obvious. You may notice a smell of mold and mildew build up in your house that you can't pinpoint, in which case that smell is probably coming from your attic and roof.

When you go into your attic, you may see mold insulation and insulation that looks flat and useless. You may see black spots and mold on the wood that makes up your roof deck, and you may notice the wood bowing. If the roof rot is advanced, you may get water leaks in the home that trickle down from your attic.

Outside, frequent ice dams are usually signs that your attic ventilation is not working right and could mean that you have roof rot. If the roof rot is untreated, you could start to notice the roof decking sag from the outside of your home.

Dealing With Roof Rot

There are multiple ways to deal with roof rot. The approach you use depends on the roof rot's cause and how advanced the roof rot is.

To start with, all wood that has rotted is going to need to be removed and replaced. With rooting wood, you can't just replace the wood that looks bad; you need to replace all the wood within a couple of feet of the impacted lumber. You will need to remove more than the wood; all the plaster, paneling, and lining will need to be removed to ensure that the fungus was completely removed from the area. Then, the area needs to be deep-cleaned with a fungicide to ensure the fungus is properly killed and will not reappear.

Once that happens, the wood will have to be completely replaced. Sometimes, you can replace just the impacted areas. If the roof rot is advanced, you may need to replace your entire roof.

In addition to dealing with the roof rot itself, you also must deal with the cause of the roof rot. That often means changing the way that ventilation works in your attic so that moisture and humidity do not harm your roof again.

Fixing the damage from roof rot can be complicated and require working on the issue from multiple angles.

If you think you have roof rot, it is important to bring in roofing repair professionals to diagnose and repair the issue right away. If left untreated, roof rot can eventually compromise your entire roof. You should regularly inspect not just your roof but your attic as well so you can spot roof rot before it gets out of hand.

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