Commercial Roof Repairs You Might Need Around The HVAC Unit On Your Roof Due To Punctures

If you have a rubber roof on your commercial building, it should be checked regularly for damage that needs to be repaired so you can prevent roof leaks. One area that's at high risk of damage is the space around the HVAC unit on the roof. Since workers use equipment to maintain the HVAC, it's possible that dropping equipment or stepping on dropped screws could puncture the rubber roof and lead to leaking. Here's how a roofer repairs rubber roof tears and punctures and how you can reduce the risk of damage.

Have Regular Inspections To Catch Damage Early

Your commercial roofer might recommend having a roof inspection twice a year. If so, you may want it done in the spring and fall right after you've had HVAC maintenance done. That way, the roofer can check around the HVAC for signs of punctures.

Repair Punctures With Patches

Rubber roofing is repaired with patches. First, the roofer has to determine if the deck underneath the puncture has water damage. If so, the repairs are different than if the deck is still dry. Patching a hole in a rubber roof is a fairly easy type of commercial roof repair. The roofer starts by cleaning the area first to get rid of oxidation so the patch will stick to the old roofing securely.

The roofer uses cleaners that don't leave a film behind. Using the right roof repair products is important for rubber roofing. For instance, using asphalt-based patching products harms the roof. Instead, all cleaners, patches, and adhesives have to be safe for use on rubber.

Once the punctured area is clean and dry, the roofer cuts a round patch to cover the puncture. The patch is much larger than the damaged area to ensure good coverage and a tight seal. Some rubber roofing patch material comes with an adhesive backing. To apply it, the roofer removes the film on the back and places the patch over the hole. Then, a steel roller is used to press the patch against the old roof to make a tight seal. The edges of the patch may then be secured with sealant to reduce the risk of them being lifted up.

Your roofer may find several punctures during an inspection, and you'll want them repaired promptly before they start leaking. If rain drips to the deck below and causes it to get wet and rot, the roofer has to cut out the punctured roofing and deck and replace them with new materials. Once the new deck, which might be a cover board or insulation board, is screwed in place, a new piece of rubber roofing material can then be patched over it in the same way other patches are applied.

Reduce Punctures With Walkways

If you're tired of contractors and employees puncturing your roof when walking on it, then talk to your roofer about installing walkway mats that provide protection against shoes and dropped items. The mats provide cushioning so the roofing won't puncture as easily, and that can save on the number of repairs your roof needs each year.

Talk to a commercial roof repair professional for additional guidance.

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