Solar Power Roof Tile Installation To Power Your Home With Green Energy

If you are thinking about installing green energy solutions for your home, solar roof tiles are a great option. These solar power installations provide your home with energy and a durable roof to replace conventional materials. The following solar power roof tile installation steps will give your home a green energy solution:

Installing the Mounts for Solar Roof Tiles

The solar roof tiles need to have specially designed mounts to be installed on your roof. Installing the mounting brackets is the first step for installing the roof tiles. The installation of roof tile brackets will include:

  • Preparing the surface of the roof
  • Marking the roof where brackets are needed
  • Fastening the brackets to the roof
  • Double-checking the location of the brackets with a template

The mounts are important because they will hold the new tiles in place. If you are leaving existing roof materials, you want to make sure that screws and bolts are sealed after the brackets are installed. This can be done by using roofing cement to seal around the holes that were made to fasten the mounts.

Wiring the Solar Roof Tiles

The solar roof tiles will also need wiring. The wires have to be installed before the tiles are mounted on your roof. The wiring and equipment that need to be installed on the roof or in your attic consist of:

  • Wires from the tiles to converters
  • Converters or inverters
  • Specially designed switches and sensors

A minimal amount of equipment is needed in the attic to ensure the solar power system is working properly. Equipment like battery banks for energy storage can be installed in a dedicated utility room.

Installing the Solar Roof Tiles

The installation of the roof tiles can be done after the installation of wires and other equipment. The process of installing solar roof tiles is similar to conventional roofing. However, there are some differences when installing solar roof tiles, such as:

  • Tiles are fastened to mounts
  • Solar tiles need to be connected together
  • Solar roof tiles need to be wired during installation

The solar tiles that you have installed on your home are rated to last as long as other premium roofing materials. 

Adding the Energy Storage System

In addition to the solar roof tiles, you may also want to have an energy storage system installed. Some of the equipment you need to install for energy storage includes:

  • Battery banks with lithium-ion batteries
  • Charge controllers
  • Switches and monitoring equipment

The energy storage system will be specially designed for the power needs of your home. 

The solar roof tiles are the perfect solution to add green energy to your home. Contact a solar power installation service to start planning your new roof with renewable energy.

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