5 Ways To Maintain Your Roof This Summer

You may not consider summer a time for roof leaks since the weather is often dry, but it is the right time for roof maintenance.

1. Schedule an Inspection

Winter and spring are some of the toughest seasons on a roof due to heavy snow, severe weather, and increased moisture. As such, summer is the ideal time to schedule your annual roof inspection so any winter and spring damage can be repaired while the weather is fair and dry. Plan to inspect in early summer so that you have any necessary repairs completed before the late summer thunderstorm season begins.

2. Trim Back Trees

The spring flush of growth on your landscape trees can endanger your home's roof. The new growth can stretch over the roof, causing branches to scrape against shingles in windy conditions. Large branches also are a fall and puncturing hazard. Even seemingly harmless dropped leaves and twigs can collect on the roof and gutters, leading to moisture issues. Take a look at the trees overhanging your home once they complete the spring growth cycle and trim back any that could be a potential danger.

3. Clean and Repair Gutters

Clogged and damaged gutters can lead to roof problems in a few ways. Water that doesn't drain properly can backflow onto the roof and seep beneath shingles. Water from overflowing gutters may also cause water damage to the roof eaves. Even something as minor as a missing gutter clip or loose trough can pull loose and damage the roof edge. Clean your gutters in early summer and test them for leaks. Repair any damage and replace gutter clips as necessary.

4. Replace Worn Seals

There are a lot of seals on the average residential roof. There are seals around the flashing that protects the seam between chimney and shingles, as well as seals around various roof vents, pipe boots, and even in roof valleys. Over time, the sealant or the flashing itself may begin to crack and wear out, leading to possible roof leak sites. Summer is the ideal time to replace worn seals and flashing because the roofing sealant will cure quickly in the warm, dry weather.

5. Keep It Clean

Don't let piles of leaves and other debris build up on the roof. Even moss growth on the shady side of a roof can cause issues. Debris and moss trap moisture, which can lead to shingle degradation. In warm weather, there may also be an issue with roof stains from algae growth. Clean the roof every summer and consider treating it to kill off any moss or algae.

Contact a residential roofing service for more maintenance help.

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