Spray Foam Insulation Projects To Stop Energy Loss In Your Home

If you are worried about energy loss, spray foam insulation can help. Before starting, you want to know where the best investments are to reduce energy loss with spray foam insulation. Spray foam solutions provide insulation for efficiency and other benefits for your home. The following information will help you decide on the best solution for your home:

Starting In the Attic

It is a good idea to start with your attic. This is an area where a lot of energy is lost. It is also an area where there are a lot of options for spray foam improvements. Spray foam can be applied to rafters and ceiling joists to maximize the thermal barrier. This also helps to reduce problems with ice dams that cause damage to your roof. Spray foam insulation in the attic can also improve the structural integrity of your home, which makes it more resistant to storm damage.

Insulating Exteriors

The exterior walls are another area where insulation improvements can help stop energy loss. These are often areas like a garage, which might not be insulated to cut construction costs. A spray foam insulation contractor can help by adding insulation to these exterior walls where it is missing. Evaluate your home for areas where there are exterior walls that are underinsulated, and consider spray foam to update these areas.

Insulating Any Unfinished Spaces

There are also spaces that might be unfinished and need insulation. These spaces can be bonus rooms, unfinished additions, basements, or garages. Insulating these areas with spray foam will reduce energy loss until you do decide to finish them. Adding spray foam insulation in these areas will help to protect them from the climate outside and other areas of your home from energy loss.

Protecting Your Home's Foundation

The foundation is another area to consider spray foam improvements. It is an area of your home that is vulnerable to not only energy loss but also issues with pests and moisture getting in. Thus, special spay foam products might be needed to help deter pests and prevent the issues with moisture problems. There are also conventional spray foam solutions that help stop energy loss and encapsulation if your home is on a crawl space foundation.

Adding spray foam insulation can help you reduce energy loss. Contact a spray foam insulation service to get the help you need to improve the efficiency of your home.

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