Two Benefits Of Installing A Flat Roof Instead Of A Pitched Roof

When constructing or renovating your home, it is essential to consider the ideal type of roof that complements your house and provides additional functionality. Typically, you have two types of roof to choose from, namely a flat roof or a pitched roof.

Both are viable options that provide your home with an aesthetic appeal and protection from weather elements. Nonetheless, before deciding on either option, it is advisable to learn about the pros and cons of each type of roof in order to make an informed decision.

However, when you compare the benefits of a flat roof against the benefits of a pitched roof, it is pretty clear to see that the advantages of a flat roof far outweigh the benefits of a pitched roof. And with that said, here are two reasons you should opt for a flat roof instead of a pitched roof.  

Lower Installation Costs

One of the primary benefits of a flat roof is that it is less expensive to install than a pitched roof. A flat roof is cheaper to install because it requires less roofing materials and labor than a pitched roof.

Remember, the pitched roof occupies more space than a flat roof. As a result, when installing a pitched roof, you need to buy extra rafters to raise the roof to get a pitched shape. Additionally, because the pitched roof occupies more space, the roof's surface area is significantly larger than that of a flat roof. Thus, the number of shingles, tiles, or sheets you need to cover the entire surface area of a pitched roof is significantly higher. 

Thus, as far as roofing materials costs are concerned, installing a flat roof is cheaper than installing a pitched roof. Furthermore, a pitched roof takes longer to install than a flat roof. Thus, if you opt for a flat roof, you also get to enjoy lower labor costs.

Maximizing Space 

Another key benefit of a flat roof is it provides additional space in your home. Remember, with a flat roof; you have the option of utilizing your roof space in various ways, such as:

  • Adding a flat roof extension
  • Creating a rooftop garden
  • Create a workshop
  • Creating an open-air lounge area

However, when you opt for a pitched roof, the roof's slope makes it impossible to use the rooftop space for anything other than installing solar panels and a solar water heater. Thus, a flat roof provides more versatility than a pitched roof.  

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