Commercial Roofing Maintenance Contracts: Things To Know

If you are a commercial property owner, it's important for you to put the time and effort into maintaining and caring for your building's roof. Remember that your commercial roofing is a key component of the structural integrity of the building, so you need to be as proactive as possible about its care. One of the things that you should ask your roofing contractor about is a maintenance contract for your roof. A maintenance contract ensures that you get routine roof inspections and certain maintenance and repair tasks done as part of an annual or monthly fee. Here's a look at some of the many benefits of these maintenance contracts to help you see why they're worth the investment.

Identifies Issues Early

With a commercial roofing maintenance contract, your roof will be inspected automatically every year, and even after storms if it's included in the contract. This ensures that any new damage will be identified right away and can be addressed before it has the chance to progress into more costly, more extensive trouble.

Identifying any potential issues early gives you the chance to address them with basic, affordable fixes instead of facing catastrophic damage that may cost you thousands to repair. You may even find that some types of issues are included as part of your maintenance contract, so you may not have to pay anything for them if they're identified quickly.

Prolongs The Life Of Your Roof

When your commercial roof is properly cared for and maintained, it will last far longer than one that's been neglected. Roofing neglect allows even minimal storm damage to worsen, leading to the potential for leaks and structural issues. As a result, a neglected roof will fail much sooner than one that's been properly taken care of.

If you sign a maintenance contract with your commercial roofing contractor, they can help you to prolong the life of your roof through routine inspections and timely repairs. That way, your company will get the most return on its roofing investment and minimize any operational downtime from roofing work.

Creates A Paper Trail For Reference

Another great thing about commercial roofing maintenance contracts is the fact that you'll have a paper trail for later reference if there are ever any questions about the condition or care of your roof. The inspections that you get as part of your commercial roof contract will come with a complete report from the roofing contractor. The report details all of the findings of the inspection and provides you with pictures, estimates, and any other relevant information to deal with any problems that were discovered.

Keep these reports so that you have documentation in the event of a warranty or insurance claim. You never know when the historical condition of your roof may prove to be important, so keep the paper trail to help preserve your company's investment.

You May Be Able To Deduct The Cost

Another thing that many business owners don't realize is that your roofing maintenance contract cost can often be deducted on your taxes. Roofing maintenance expenses are often deductible in the eyes of the Internal Revenue Service, and some repair costs may be deductible as well. 

The deductibility of the repairs will depend upon a lot of circumstances, but your roofing contractor and your CPA can help you to determine if any upcoming repairs may be eligible for IRS tax deduction. 

Being able to deduct your annual maintenance costs can save your company from year to year in taxes, making it a worthwhile investment.

Talk with your commercial roofing contractor today about the possibility of a roofing maintenance contract for your company's roof. The more you understand, the easier it is to see why it's worth the cost.

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