Roofing Emergencies That Require the Expertise of a Commercial Roofer

Commercial roofers are professionals hired to install and repair roofs in commercial buildings. A commercial roofer may be called upon to install new roofs, remove old or damaged roofs, or stretch membranes over the frame of a new roof.

You may also call them to fix leaks in a current roof, replace old metal panels with new ones, repair holes in a roof, replace broken shingles, or install ice and water shields. Below are two main emergencies that a commercial roofer should address:

Leaky Roof

Leaky roofs should not be ignored and need to be fixed immediately before any significant water damage occurs. If a leaky roof is not corrected promptly, the problem only worsens and gets more expensive to solve.

Leaks usually cause problems when they damage insulation or furnishings inside. They also cause rusting or rotting components of the exterior structure of the building and create damp conditions that make it difficult for people to work in.

Sometimes, leaks can be so bad that water seeps through the walls of the building and create a dangerous environment inside. If you ignore this problem for too long, uncontrolled mold growth will occur, which damages the building structure further. People exposed to large amounts of mold may also suffer adverse health effects like asthma and respiratory allergies.

Building owners should have their roofs inspected regularly by experienced roofers to avoid these issues. In case of any signs of leakage, it is crucial to contact a commercial roofing company right away before anyone suffers the risks. 

Significant Damages

If the roof in your business premises is severely damaged, you need to consider the damage an emergency and call a commercial roofer. Many things can damage a roof, from wind and rain to falling objects.

Other common causes of roof damages include:

  • Strong winds or tornadoes. These weather conditions can result in severe damage to shingles and underlying roof structures. If you experience this kind of weather, make sure to secure the roof properly or hire a professional to do it for you.
  • Heavy Snowfall. When there are strong winds or heavy snowfall, a roof can suffer damage very quickly. If your commercial property is located in an area where this happens frequently, make sure to hire a professional to check on your roof before the snow season.
  • Hailstones. When hailstones fall from the sky, they can cause massive piercing holes on the roof and give way to leaks and other hazards.
  • Birds and pests. Critters and birds can cause severe damages to a roof when they puncture the roof surface. Also, animal droppings contain acid that gradually corrodes the roof.

If you experience any of these two emergencies, reach out to a commercial roofer immediately. Commercial roofs consist of more than simply shingles or tarps. Their complex and pricey structure require a professional roofing contractor to handle unexpected emergencies.

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