Important Steps To Take If Your Roof Is Leaking Due To A Storm

Preparing yourself for a storm is paramount. This way, you are assured there will be no major damages. For instance, secure lightweight items in your yard or balcony, so they do not get blown around by strong winds. It would help if you also trim all your trees so they do not fall on your property, and do not forget to fix all the damage on your roof. Unfortunately, even with such thorough preparations, you might still experience some damage. For instance, your roof is prone to damage that could lead to leaks. Here are steps you should take in such cases before the storm damage roof repair company arrives. 

Protect Your Home's Interior

Your first step should be to keep the interiors safe as it minimizes damage from the storm. For example, a leaking attic will be full of water puddles that will make their way into your home through a lighting fixture or the roof's corners. And so, if you see any bulgy spots on your ceiling, go ahead and poke a hole in that spot to prevent extensive damage. Then, look for something to catch the water and remove everything from the leaking area that might incur damage. You can then go ahead and perform visual checks to find the origin of the leak. 

Visual Checks Are Important

Visual inspections in the attic help spot signs of leaks. So if you see wet spots, drips, or puddles of water, it means you have an actively leaking roof. This is likely to happen due to damaged installations or poorly installed shingles. If you do not call storm damage roof repair services, the leaks will extend to the ceiling and dry walls resulting in brown stains. When done with the attic, proceed outside and check the roof for signs of missing, loose shingles, or displaced flashing. Then, contact a roofing expert. 

Time to Contact a Roofing Expert

The above steps will help minimize damage, but it is not over until a storm damage roof repair company comes and takes over the situation. First, a roofing contractor must check the situation and determine a permanent solution for the leaks. Apart from this, they will also check for other weak spots to avoid future leaks. Finally, these experts can help you get in touch with the insurance company.

If your roof is leaking, you should not sit and wait for the storm damage roof repair company to come, as this will aggravate the situation. So follow the above steps, and you will be safe. To read more about roof repair, click here.

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