What You Need To Know About EPDM Roof Punctures

Most business owners choose EPDM roofs for a few reasons. They are incredibly durable, easy to install, and cost-effective. However, one of the common concerns many people have is puncture issues, and not many know the cause. Below is everything you need to know about the causes, what to do in such situations, and why you must involve a pro commercial roofer. 

How Do Punctures Happen?

There are several reasons behind a punctured EPDM roof, but a frequent reason is foot traffic. This mostly happens when the need for repairing equipment such as HVAC systems arises. In addition, there is a tendency for tools to drop during the repair process worsening the damage. The weather can also do a number on the EPDM roofing surface. For example, during a storm, some branches may fall with a heavy impact leaving the roof punctured. In addition, some mechanical equipment may be dislodged and blown around, puncturing your roof. It is good to watch out not to spill grease or chemicals as they can weaken the surface, making it more vulnerable to punctures. Wild animals, too, can peck and scratch your EPDM roof leading to punctures.

In What Ways Can You Prevent Punctures On Your EPDM Roof?

Roof punctures can be frustrating, but the good news is there are ways you can prevent them from happening for a long-lasting and high-performing roof. Generally, you must schedule inspections with a commercial roofer a few times a year to shield your investment. It would also help if you opted for a thicker EPDM roofing membrane as they can withstand the mentioned causes of roof punctures better. With that said, a reinforced EPDM roof works best. Additionally, you should include walkway pads for the mechanical equipment on your roof. 

Other solutions include keeping off DIY EPDM roof installations or repairs. If you must have a grease outlet on your roof, ensure a guard system, and do not forget to trim trees near your building. 

What Should You Do Once You Find Out Your Roof Is Punctured? 

For starters, take immediate action because the more you ignore the situation, the bigger and more expensive it grows. Secondly, do not feel tempted to do the repairs yourself as this too could worsen the situation. 

Now you know a few culprits when it comes to punctured EPDM roofs. If there is anything that requires further clarification, do not hesitate to reach out to a commercial roofer.  

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