What To Consider When Picking Residential Roofing Shingles

When it comes to the type of shingles you put on your roof, you actually have a few different options to pick from. That's why you'll want to know what to consider when picking between three-tab, architectural, and luxury shingles. 


There is a clear cost difference when comparing all three shingle materials, and you can probably assume what they are based on the name. When you factor in the cost of installation as well, three-tab shingles are going to be the most affordable of all three shingle materials. Architectural shingles will fall in the middle, and luxury shingles are the most expensive. However, they are all very close in price to each other, so the price increase for luxury shingles is not necessarily a deal breaker.


You shouldn't just look at the price of the raw material, because you need to consider what type of value they provide. A cheap shingle is not going to matter that much if it needs to be replaced far sooner than competing materials. You'll find that architectural shingles tend to give you the most value when you factor in their price point and how long the material lasts on your roof. While luxury shingles may cost more money, they don't necessarily last much longer than their architectural shingle counterpart. 


The lifespan of all materials is also different depending on the shingles that you purchase. Three-tab shingles have the shortest lifespan, which can be severely affected by the climate that you live in. Architectural shingles are a bit stronger than the three-tab shingles and can last longer, and luxury shingles are the longest-lasting of the three materials. You'll find that luxury shingles have the best chance of withstanding hail, wind, and storm damage.


Three-tab shingles tend to have the shortest warranty period of all shingle materials, and it is usually a prorated warranty. This means that the value of the warranty decreases the longer the shingles are on your roof. Architectural and luxury shingles are a bit different since they have prorated and non-prorated warranties based on how they were installed. A non-prorated warranty means that you'll get the full value of the roofing material if it were to fail, even if they have been on your home for several years. 


The aesthetics of these three materials is subjective since it really depends on what you prefer to have on your home. Luxury shingles can improve your curb appeal and increase the value of your home if you are selling soon. Three-tab shingles tend to look flat and plain when viewed from the ground. Architectural shingles add some shadow lines and color depth to the shingles, but the material is so common it won't stand out that much.  

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