Improvements That Will Help Your New Roof Last Longer

Getting a new roof is so exciting. You probably want that roof to last as long as possible and look good while doing it. You can achieve these goals by asking your roofer to make some of the following upgrades when they are installing your roof.

Additional Insulation

If your roofer does not inspect your attic insulation before installing your new roof, ask them to take a look. If they find that your attic is a bit short on insulation, you can ask them to add more. (Most roofers also offer insulation services, at least for attics.) Adding more insulation to your attic will reduce the amount of heat that passes through your roof in the winter. This, in turn, will prevent snow from melting and trickling down the roof to form ice dams that could lead to shingle damage. Adding insulation now is better than dealing with ice dam damage after just a few snowy winters.

Extra Vents

Roofs need to be well-vented to prevent ice damage, and also to prevent them from getting too hot in the summer. If your attic is often warm, you can ask your roofer to add more vents when they replace your roof. A ridge vent is a vent that stretches along the length of your roof's peak. One ridge vent will offer plenty of ventilation. Your roofer could also add some small soffit vents, which are less apparent.

Zinc Strips

Zinc strips are long strips of zinc that a roofer can install near the peak of the roof. They serve a very important purpose. When it rains, the rain rinses some zinc ions down the roof. Those zinc ions prevent algae and mold from growing on the shingles. This is important if your roof is shaded by a tree or by any other object. If you can prevent mold, algae, and moss from growing on the roof, you'll extend its life. (These plant forms can all cause shingles to break down prematurely.)  Having zinc strips installed when a roof is replaced is a lot easier than treating your roof with herbicides later on.

If you are having your roof replaced, you might as well make sure the new one lasts. Talk to your roofer about adding extra insulation, some additional vents, or zinc strips to your roof. They can tell you which, if any, of these upgrades will be most beneficial for your roof.  

For more information about roofing installation, contact a local company. 

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