Two Popular Metal Roofing Materials - Standing Seam Panels And Corrugated Panels

Standing seam metal panels and corrugated metal panels are two popular choices used to construct a metal roofing system. Learn how these two roofing materials will prevent moisture from damaging your home, plus improve how your residence looks.

Standing Seam Panels

Standing seam panels can be constructed of galvanized and non-galvanized metal materials. Seams run vertically along each metal panel that is used to construct this type of roofing system. The seams will be raised. In between each pair of seams, a flat metal surface will be exposed. The addition of this type of roofing material will add symmetry to your rooftop.

All of the standing seam panels that roofers use to cover an entire rooftop will contain the same design and the same amount of space between the seams. Often, a standing seam roofing system is referred to as a hidden fastener system. A roofer will conceal all of the fasteners along the underside of the standing seam panels.

This type of rooftop is designed to block moisture. A roofing contractor can advise you on choosing a metal product for a new standing seam roof. Zinc and copper will be very resilient to rust and discolorations. Uncoated metal products, including aluminum and steel, will be rather durable, but may not cost as much as a high-end metal roofing panel.

Corrugated Panels

Cold-rolled steel undergoes a folding process that is designed to create grooves and ridges in a metal panel. The grooves and ridges increase the strength of a corrugated panel. Panels that undergo a corrugation process will possess a distinct design that is aesthetically pleasing.

A galvanization process is performed when corrugated panels are manufactured. The steel panels are dipped in a zinc coating. The zinc will provide superior protection from moisture and corrosion. Corrugated panels are installed with the aid of standard roofing tools. Some products may be designed to interlock with adjacent roofing materials.

Custom Features

Both standing seam materials and corrugated materials can be customized. A roofing contractor can order metal products that are of a distinct thickness or shape. They can also acquire roofing materials that have an enamel-baked treatment added to their surface.

Surface treatment will provide a roof with a burst of color. The color of siding, trim, and other features on your home may complement a metal roofing product that is a specific color. Colored roofing materials may aid in keeping a rooftop cool, depending upon the color shade that has been added to a roofing product.

For more information on metal roofing, contact a company near you.

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