Metal Roofs Actually Work Well In Sunny Climates

Metal roofs are often praised for their benefits in snowy climates. Snow slides right off the metal, so you don't have to worry about a heavy snow load leading to cracks in the roof deck. These roofs also have thick, insulated backing, which helps keep homes warm in the winter. But does this mean that metal roofs are really only suited to cold and snowy climates? Not at all! Metal roofing also works well in areas that receive a lot of sunlight, either year-round or only in the summer. Here are some specific benefits of metal roofing in sunny spots.

The roof will reflect more sunlight.

The more sunlight and heat a roof absorbs, the hotter the attic will become. The hotter the attic becomes, the hotter the top floor of your home becomes, and the hotter your home becomes, the harder your AC needs to work. As such, a lot of homes in sunny climates come with pretty high AC bills. A metal roof may help minimize this effect. Metal, due to its natural reflective properties, reflects a lot of sunlight instead of absorbing that sunlight. This keeps your attic cooler, your AC less active, and your energy bills lower.

The roof won't be damaged by UV exposure.

UV rays are tough on many materials. They can cause asphalt shingles to become dry and crumbly, for example. But if there is one material that can tolerate a lot of UV exposure without breaking down, it is metal. Metal can sit in the sunlight day after day, and it will never become brittle due to this exposure. The color of the paint may lighten, but that's not a structural issue, and you can always have your metal roof repainted if the color change bothers you.

Metal roofs won't shrink in response to changes in moisture levels.

In warm climates, moisture levels can change quickly. The area dries up quickly after a rainstorm. This can be problematic for some types of roofing. Shakes, for example, may shrink if they dry out too quickly in the heat. Metal, however, does not absorb any water, which means prompt changes in temperature and moisture levels don't bother it.

If you live in a sunny, warm climate and you need a new roof, give metal roofing a serious look. Consider getting a quote from a local roofing company, such as Emerald Roofing. If you can afford metal, it is often a very good choice.   

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