Reasons Why It's Important To Have Regular Inspections Of Your Commercial Roofing

If you're in charge of maintenance and repairs on a commercial building, you'll want to make sure your membrane roofing is checked regularly by a commercial roofing contractor. Your maintenance crew might check the roof on a regular schedule too, but professional care is also important so problems can be found and repairs can be done before water damage occurs. Here's why regular checks and repairs from a commercial roofing contractor are important for a commercial building. 

Flat Roofs Can Be Damaged By Foot Traffic

Membrane roofing is fairly thin, so it's possible to puncture it if you step on a small rock or something else hard when you walk on the roof. It's a good idea to put walking mats on the membrane if your roof has a lot of traffic, especially in the HVAC area where maintenance may be done regularly.

A puncture could allow rain to get under the membrane and get the insulation boards wet. This can be prevented if the puncture is repaired quickly. It's important to keep insulation boards dry if possible or when you get a new roof, the old roof and wet boards may need to be torn off. If you can keep the insulation boards dry, it may be possible to put a new roof over the old one and save money.

Seams On Membrane Roofing Can Work Loose

The seams in membrane roofing are the weak areas of a flat roof. The seams are bonded tightly when the roof is installed, but they can work loose as the roof ages. When a seam comes loose, rain gets underneath the membrane and can get the insulation board wet. Loose seams should be repaired as quickly as possible. A commercial roofing contractor can do this with seam tape and adhesive or by using a heat welder, depending on the type of commercial roofing your building has.

Roof Drains Can Clog

Poor drainage is an issue that can affect flat roofs. The problem might be due to leaves and debris clogging a roof drain. In that case, the drain needs to be cleaned out. The problem might also be due to a problem with the roofing. The roofer needs to figure out why the roof isn't draining since standing water is bad for a roof. It could lead to a roof leak if the drainage problem isn't fixed in a timely manner.

The most important reason to let a roofer check your roof on a set schedule is so problems can be repaired to prevent a leak and water damage to your building. A roof leak could harm inventory or your expensive equipment, so preventing a leak through regular maintenance is essential for protecting your roof and your building.

Contact a local commercial roofing service to learn more. 

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