2 Reasons Against Trying To Replace The Shingles On Your Home's Roof Yourself

If the shingles on your home's roof have started falling off or are showing signs of age and wear, you may have decided that it is time to replace them. However, in an attempt to save money, you may be thinking about buying the shingles and putting them on yourself. 

However, you may want to rethink your thoughts about doing the work on your roof yourself. Besides the dangers involved in working on a roof without the right safety equipment and training, there are a couple of reasons against trying to replace the shingles on your home's roof yourself.

1. You May Not Have the Experience and Knowledge to Recognize Severe Structural Damage to the Roof

One reason against you trying to replace the shingles on the roof yourself is that you most likely do not have the experience and knowledge necessary to recognize severe structural damage. While the condition of the shingles may be obvious, the decking may also be worn out or have started to deteriorate.

If you replace the shingles without assessing and replacing the decking or support beams, you may still end up with a buckling roof that allows water to leak into your house. A professional roofer will inspect all parts of the roofing system to see what needs to be replaced.

2. You May Lack the Tools and Training Necessary to Install the Shingles So They Lay Straight and Even

Another reason why a professional roof should replace the shingles on the roof instead of you trying to do it yourself is that you probably lack the tools and training necessary to ensure that they are installed correctly. If you do not have the right tools and/or the know-how to use them, the shingles will come out crooked.

Not only would crooked shingles make the roof appear unprofessional, but it also increases the risk of gaps in between the shingles. A professional has both the right tools and training to ensure a tight, professional-looking finished project.

Along with being unable to recognize structural damage to the roof decking or support beams or being unable to install the shingles correctly, replacing them yourself would void any warranty that may exist for the new shingles. You may also be held liable for any water damage because of the DIY roofing job if your homeowner's insurance decides not to cover it.

Contact a local roofing replacement service to learn more. 

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